About Yisu Cloud

Leading Global Cloud Service Provider

Founded in 2017, Yisu Cloud is a leading global cloud service provider. Yisu Cloud is committed to providing secure, reliable and affordable cloud computing services to our customer around the world. We have developed a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services, to empower thousands of enterprises, developers, and governments organizations by simplifying the deployment of cloud computing service via our advanced platform.

We've also established green energy-saving data centers and operating agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Hong Kong and other Chinese domestic regions, as well as Europe, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and the United States. YISU Cloud will continue its go-global strategy and extend cloud computing worldwide, helping our customer to expand their business globally.

Providing comprehensive
security defense for tens of thousands of users

10+ Worldwide Locations, 2800+ CDN Nodes, Defense Capability up to 5000G+ QPS


Number of cloud servers


Maximum defense peak


Cumulative users

Deploy Globally

10+ Worldwide Locations, 2800+ CDN Nodes, Defense Capability up to 5000+GB QPS

  • 2800+

    CDN Nodes

  • 130TB/S

    CDN Bandwidth

  • 10+

    Worldwide Locations

  • 5000G+QPS

    Attack Defense Capability

United States

United States



Hong Kong




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