Recommended Configurations

  • Hong Kong
Intel Xeon E5-2658 v2
  • 40 Cores
  • 16G
  • 5Mbps
  • 250G SSD
Intel Xeon E5-2658 v2 (3 mo)
  • 40 Cores
  • 16G
  • 5Mbps
  • 250G SSD
/3 months
Intel Xeon E5-2658 v2
  • 40 Cores
  • 32G
  • 10Mbps
  • 250G SSD

Product Advantages

Ultimate Computing Performance

The dedicated physical server with high standard hardware and I / O equipment provides excellent performance to meet the needs of your high-performance scenarios

Physical Isolation Resource

The physical isolated running environment makes BMS has the stability and the low delay of physical machine

Quick Deployment

You don't have to transport, build, deploy and debug the virtual machine, thus eliminating the operation and maintenance cost of the traditional physical machine and enjoying the same convenient management as the virtual machine

No Worry

You will enjoy reliable data management while we offer 24/7 operation and maintenance, and also enjoy physical cloud host exclusive as well as being offered high performance computing without any virtualization performance penalty

Compatible With All Other Cloud Products

BMS can be connected with virtual machine and a variety of products online to form a private network, enjoying high-speed access of 10G bandwidth in Intranet

Stability and Safety

The multi-link network and network isolation technologies are used to ensure the service security, and RAID10 data redundancy technology makes the data storage highly reliable


Auto Provisioning

After you apply for a BMS, OS installation,
network configuration, and disk attachment
are completed automatically

VPC & Custom Network

BMSs can communicate with ECSs in the
same VPC, and can communicate with each
other through a custom network

Lifecycle Management

You can use the management console to start,
stop, restart, and delete BMS

EVS Disks

You can attach or detach EVS disks without
stopping your BMS

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